When the grid goes down…where is the best place to live?

Sadly, I couldn’t find the best place today…I did find one AD that wants to sell you something in outer space…starting cheep…

IT ASKS: Why Buy Now?

We are following the popular “incremental release” model of development. The first version (0.01) of High Frontier was released in summer 2014, and cost only $1. Each new release adds more and more functionality (check out the Release Notes for proof!), but at the same time, the price goes up.

Currently we are on version 0.27, which costs $27. We’re actively working on improved physics for the next release.

So if you buy now, you’re supporting development of the world’s most realistic space settlement simulator, getting a unique and fun game, andsaving yourself money too! I couldn’t determine it this is a game or to buy a ride on a UFO?

I wonder if those all electric cars will be able to get any power? I found a little bit on supposedly one congressman says:

Between 1995 and 1999, Congressman Bartlett held a series of congressional hearings on the EMP threat. Dr. Bartlett then amended the Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001 to ensure the EMP Commission could study the threat. This action led to the Commission’s reports in 2004 and 2008. In his last term in Congress, Congressman Bartlett gave a final push to address EMP, which came in the form of a new piece of legislation. Dr. Bartlett introduced H. Res. 762, a bill to promote community-based civil defense. The bill would also encourage the distributed generation of 20 percent of electricity needs by individuals, organizations, and local communities.

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