Sorry, but thanks.

During the past couple of weeks I have gotten 14,200 different comments. As I am now beginning to “Test the Waters” to run for President of United States. Since I have been a whistle blower for some 30 years, I have decided to do my duty and turn over your comments, if you don’t object to the first DOJ and then the man Adam ….Because….Schiff was born in Massachusetts but represents Hollywood, so why not? His first screenplay was called, Remnant, which Schiff told The New Yorker “was a post-Holocaust story.” He then wrote a murder-mystery called Minotaur, and is now working on a “spy drama called Impeachment?”  Anyway, we all know Adam likes power…I’m thinking of giving him the first opportunity to be my VICE PRESIDENT but first I must run for President.  Who knows, right?  Adam probably wants being President, but I don’t know if I can take his vegan diets. I hear Adam is a runner….. Do vegans get bug eyes from eating grasshoppers?  I only tried bugs once or twice and I think I threw them up….  Anyway, I thought I would ask my audience first before I sent a letter to Adam… because maybe somebody out there has MORE status greed and power push to be President.  I could possibly run for Vice President; if only we could raise a few billion.  That WOULD be a bit difficult….So, I put together a little website called If you have some ideas to help American’s lives have more freedom and or raise a few bucks please give me a call during regular business hours…..Thanks again Daniel.