You can’t laugh because you don’t have “proper shoes”? Or why say “brake a leg”?

Gary Sinise Foundation   PO Box 50008

Studio City, CA 91614-5001     

Dear Gary Sinise,

On April 23, 2019, I spoke to Doug, who lost both of his legs, during a nice church meal downtown Lake Worth, Florida. Sorry, I mentioned to him I would like to again do amateur comedy and make people happy. He asked me “why not try your comedy at the church during the homeless meal?”   Many homeless men are Vets, so why not? Thus, I’m putting this letter on and mailing a copy to you.  If you like helping our Vets in this format, please give me a call.


 Enclosed is part of a previous letter I sent to you on August 7, 2018 I wrote you as follows:  While speaking today with a 57 year old Vet, L.Roland Canaday Jr., he explained that some of his benefits and or checks were stolen from him AT THAT DATE I ALSO NOTED: I may put some parts of this letter on my website, at the time, in order to help other Vets with similar problems.  I was also trying to start up a clean comedy program for our Vets.  I had at that time about 85 domains that are being forwarded to….  After, the flood in the South, I change the forwarding of my domains to help those victims.

As you know from VA statistics that 22 Vets commit suicide each day.  Maybe though comedy we can help our humble American Citizens laugh again and be happy and thus push out evil ideas and or suicide.  Or as Philippians 4:8 notes:  “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” AND then TRY TO LAUGH and have fun!

Sincerely, Daniel Mulligan

Homestead address 331 South. Federal Highway, Lake Worth, Fl 33460 phone 561-602-1819

How do people get fat?

Isn’t it odd that some people get so fat they can’t even get out of bed? Is that what some churches are doing? Maybe this isn’t funny…Sorry.

Isn’t it nice that churches feed people so that the homeless people now have more money for beer and the drug dealer? There have been all kinds of studies that shows that the longevity of the USA citizens is going down. Are many churches and social programs engaged in gross negligence or worse?

The Paradox of Nutrition Deficiency and Obesity  Anna Francesca Dela CruzJanuary 31, 2018

A common misconception about people experiencing homelessness is their weight, or lack thereof. While many people experiencing homelessness are on the lower end of the body mass index (BMI) scale (a measure of body fat based on height and weight), a considerable amount of them are overweight or obese. This means many of them have a BMI score between  25-29.9 (overweight) or a score of 30 or higher (obese).

In Carla D’Andreamatteo and Joyce Slater’s study, more than half of their 40 participants—men experiencing homelessness in Canada—were overweight or obese. A study on youth homelessness based in the U.S. showed that over half of its female participants were obese and 41% of its male participants were either overweight or obese. Among a study’s sample of 5632 adults in the U.S, 32.3% were obese, while only 1.6% were underweight.

Nutrition Deficiency

Despite their size, overweight and obese people experiencing homelessness are still at risk for malnutrition, just like their normal-weight and underweight counterparts. Overweight or not, numerous studies have shown nutrition deficiency among those experiencing homelessness. One study found  over 90% of its male participants were deficient in vitamin A and D3, along with calcium and magnesium. On the other hand, 100% of females were deficient in vitamin A, D3 and C, with over 90% of them lacking vitamin E and calcium. A study on youth homelessness based in Toronto found over half of its participants lacked folate, vitamin A and C, zinc and magnesium, and over half of the women surveyed lacked iron and vitamin B-12. Other studies have also shown deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre, but overconsumption of sodium, sugar and saturated fat.

Why not use tasers on lawyers to see if they can tell the truth? Who cares if they lie or laugh?

The garage science behind the stun gun that changed policing   REUTERS/Gary Cameron

Taser International won over police by touting research it said was as rigorous as FDA-style testing. But its claims about its early studies – which began with a pig, five dogs and some willing cops – were overstated.

By LISA GIRION Filed Sept. 20, 2017, 11 a.m. GMT

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – When Rick Smith launched his supercharged stun gun in 1999, his startup had produced two failed products, several years of losses and a load of debt.

He had thrown everything into a weapon he believed police would buy. His challenge was two-fold. He needed something strong enough to stop suspects in their tracks and the science to convince police it wouldn’t kill.

In Smith’s view, the science came together just in time to save his company. His pitch to police: The new Taser was more powerful than any other electroshock weapon. And virtually harmless. Smith himself took a half-second shock at a December 1999 demonstration in Los Angeles and “dropped immediately,” according to a log of the event.

“I can state unequivocally that the ADVANCED TASER is a safe, effective means to bring potentially violent confrontations under control quickly and with minimal risk to police officers and suspects,” Smith said in a letter introducing it to police.

HOW MANY CITIZENS HAVE TO DIE BEFORE TASER ARE CALLED IN VIOLATION OF OUR CONSTITUTION? Why not introduce our new illegal immigrants with the taser? Why not ALSO taser lawyers in Congress AND the courts to see if they think its cruel and unusual punishment? WOULDN’T THAT BE FUNNY watching lawyer cry and get punished/?

What hoax is a good? May it depend on your position?


  1. FLORIDA fountain of youth but you hurt by; Spanish bring in 8 pigs in 30 years there were thousands of PIGS!
  2. Texas how Spanish brought in horses and Comanche used and bred the horse thus the Indians controlled a huge area for 150 years…Then white woman came and what happened?
  3. Inca hoax sacrifice to the gods of Spanish their slaves believing in white gods….What happened to those Indians?
  4. Roman hoax or bread and circus thumbs up…the concept of gladiators …So we got the idea of thumbs up or down?
  5. Smoking hoax new pot hoax cigarette ad hoax by doctors who are now drug dealers or worse?
  6. Hoax by pharaoh and the midwives to save babies. Continual wanting to go back to slavery of Egypt but why? Nile Alligators like male babies!
  7. God hoax of burning bush….Moses hoax of not speaking the language.
  8. False belief in loss of power by utilizing slave better
  9. Hoax by Pharaoh by Moses making Egypt poll # go down so when death came the Egypt people had enough and told the Jews PLEASE LEAVE US….
  10. Hoax to follow or have solider follow into destruction. Wheels came off as the Red Sea was parted but the Jews got dry land.

Time to laugh or run? When is a hoax is no longer fun?

April 18, 2019 a


Last night I put two big potatoes in a pan..and turned on the burner. I watched Gone with the Wind…and fell asleep. When I woke up I smelled smoke. I thought that was stupid. ….My potatoes were also GONE SMOKING WITH THE WIND… I prayed to God that I didn’t burn down the house…

After I had lunch I hear the dumb President of France thinks a great building is like putting macaroni on the stove? No dry ice…or liquid carbon dioxide, no water, no brains but a big fire…..As it was said 2000 years ago,,,Nero slept and Rome burned….Is that progress? So, why did the dumb, evil Pope pray to Mary instead of God, or is Mary his insurance agent?

I am trying to get free…Humor comedy and freedom…but what is going on with the power ELITE? How stupid not to have a plan…Here is my latest plan to leave Florida. See one STEP, or page at a time Please stay tuned in