I received various comments from Democrats candidate want to be’s? Or maybe Booker or Nancy are trying?

Received on May 18, thought as SPAM or was I wrong? Sound like FBI talk or maybe CIA? I took out the the links on their sites. Still they sounds like the women and men on CNN….What do you think FUNNY or just crap? BELOW:

Admissions officers have different standards for evaluating candidates and determining which college students to confess. In basic, they seek a various and balanced entire body of motivated, associated, and qualified students with real pursuits, impressive achievements, intriguing skills & experiences, seem character and real personalities – all with the possible to “fit in” and be an asset to the school. Admissions officers answer positively to their perception of passion, mental curiosity, maturity, management, determination and vitality.

Or is this one better?

All of us know this intense, heavy emotion each time you recognize that you forgot about homework assignments. And it can be a quarter previous four a.m. and also you have no notion what to execute. You especially know that all your classmates have attained these duties flawlessly. And at this second just serene down. Attempt to not be nervous.

Written by DNC bots or what?

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