How sick is Bob?

Bob Mueller has gotten old. The hearing is just painful to watch. The USA has suffered 3 years for these lies and Bob’s crap…..Now we know poor Bob wasn’t pulling any strings It wasn’t even his crap….He was just a sick old man…. It shows how little Bob actually knew.  He should never been selected to cover-up for the corrupt FBI , James Comey or silly Hillary… When pervert Bill spoke about his love for Hillary at the DNC, in 2016 I knew Bill was trying to cover for his and his wife’s greed perversion and need for power….Really Bill, you tried. But poor Bob…. You were set up…Sorry

Why does that old evil ones want to keep THEIR power and screwing the people?  When will Bill and Hill just fade away….? Sadly, maybe Bob and the DNC should fade away together……Bob was the DNC god for 3 years….now he just an old silly feeble one. Sorry, Bob you stay with greedy rats and they eat you….Bye Bob. Please don’t let the rats do that to you again.

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