Have you ever wondered why Joe Biden didn’t run for President in 2016 but.. 2020? Is it possible the even the FBI or Clinton’s told Joe, he was caught being too corrupt?

I just met a lady at church downtown Lake Worth, she had the similar problems that I had by Palm Beach County and or Code Enforcement in Lake Worth….. It appears that her problem came out in the 1990, but she and her husband were able to get an attorney and get the greedy, lying city of Lake Worth, Florida off their back……How long has  the greedy city Lake Worth been corrupt and screwing its Citizens?  Please call me if you are a whistle blower and know about corruption in the city of Lake Worth.  I plan to file another FOIA against Palm Beach County and the City of Lake Worth…. GO TO FREEWHISTLEBLOWER.COM

Before Jeffery Epstein died, I filed notice with the DOJ that I was going to counter suit against Epstein and others.  A few weeks after I filed against pervert Epstein, more cover-ups and corruption then Epstein died….. Do we really know how corrupt ones cover-up their evil deeds? Stay tuned…

Remember the firing of “Steve Stanton?” Did you see “her” show on CNN?  I believe he worked and did a fairly good job as City Manager in Largo Florida….Anyway Steve was married with one boy child. CNN had a two hour  program on him AND HER.   Steve liked being a cross dresser so much finally, he decided to change sex…become a transgender. I believe the city of Largo fired him/ her similar to Trump firing James Comey? However, Steve didn’t  lie or forget 245 times like the FBI CHIEF.  Maybe Steve lied about being a male?….Anyway, Steve changes to Susan. After 200+ or so interviews she gets a job at Lake Worth, FL.   I met Susan a few times, she seemed to be a fairly good City Manager…However, what’s the “Rest of the story?” A few  years later, after a Palm Beach County Judge noted that Lake Worth lied and engaged in fraud on the court, Susan was FIRED by Lake Worth.

 Her “crime?” After Susan Stanton heard the Judge’s charge, she stated would make a “probe to look into Lake Worth Code.” Next, she was fired by the City of Lake Worth.

As a whistle blower, I went to Studio 205, the gift and novelty shop off Lake Avenue owned by City Commissioner Andy Amoroso, before and after the firing of Susan.  I met Andy at his little newsstand shortly after Andy helped fire Susan.  I asked Andy why was Susan fired…He stated “she wasn’t doing her job.”  I said ok, “what was Susan’s Job that City Manager WASN’T doing?” Andy kept saying she just wasn’t doing her job….So, I finally stated “Andy she was doing her job, but you don’t have a clue what was her job was…. I believe you Fired her because she was looking into Lake Worth’s Corruption.  At the next City Council meeting, Andy recommends that they put together a job description for the NEXT CITY MANAGER.

So do you believe greedy Palm Beach County, pervert Epstein and Joe Biden are that stupid or THAT CORRUPT?