Do you think Dr. L… got mad at me because I flunked the poop test or was it the accident and or the copy written copy I filed below:

IN THE 15th JUDICIAL Court #                                                       2008TR218237AXX, ETC.

STATE OF FLORIDA          Plaintiff(s)    vs

Daniel Mulligan,  Accused    

THIS judicial notice/AFFIDAVIT OF DANIEL MULLIGAN REQUESTS his civil rights and freedom to print a copy written notice pursuant to art 4 sec2 and 18 U.S. Code § 4.

Mulligan believes persons in the Condominiums from Jog Road to Haverhill, Palm Beach County, City of Green Areas, Palm Tran, the Palm Beach Sheriff office, etc. should all be aware of dangers on Crest haven road.  While 22 U.S. Code § 2702 Malpractice protection to defends its Citizens from bad treatment etc., The Federal Tort Claims Act (“FTCA”) and or “Tort Claims Act”) can stop gross negligence.  Shouldn’t drivers on roads such as Crest haven be “protected and or ticketed” as drivers on other roads such as Forest Hill or Military Trails?    I state and believe that Palm Beach County sheriff agents of the State of Florida have provided, unequal, police protection, enforcement and or tickets along Crest Haven road.  THEREFORE, I state and believe they have also engaged in gross Negligence for over a year.

  1. During the last years while Daniel Mulligan has ridden Palm Tram # 61 buses, I have witnessed numerous near misses of head on collisions on Crest Haven.  I believe the major cause occurs when the bus stops to pick up or let off passengers. The DOUBLE YELLOW LINES should tell drivers not to cross.  Sadly, I have never seen it enforced on that bus route.  Instead, it seems cars pass without considering the lives that are being endangered. Since this reckless endangerment happens on a daily basis, I believe it constitutes GROSS NEGLIGENCE.  I also believe this court has violated our constitution by allowing Palm Beach County Court to send my personnel “arrest driving records” to greedy Texas or other state’s Attorneys without proper notice or my consent.  See also 5th Amendment. nor shall any person … be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation
  2. I have spoken to the various #61 bus drivers and they all say they see near misses each day.  Therefore, after I file this notice I will start holding an Impeachment signs for Sheriff Rick Bradshaw. If the Governor impeaches Rick Bradshaw, I need a job and I would be willing and available to take his place.
  3. However, I believe the longer solution could fairly easy. Just as narrow roads in mountains, Palm Beach County should use its Eminent domain if necessary to make a “pick-up road” where the bus gets off the main road and allows drop-off and pick-up of passengers, while car can pass by legally.  Cars going over yellow lines should be FINED and ticketed as proper safety requires.
  4. Protection of the People requires using common sense. Shouldn’t Common Sense by Thomas Paine and our constitution should be read in our schools before voting?

THEREFORE, Mulligan requests assistance of Counsel for the creation of a review on the Florida’s road and traffic security and or licensing procedures to ensure proper standard of care for the poor, elderly and disabled while protection of all drivers.    I believe most Florida Citizens care as much about the health and safety of pedestrians and drivers on one Road as they do on another road.  I will also be willing to work with the USA MARSALL OFFICE and or DOJ to help educate, review and stop needless accidents as I need to work and be free again.

I state and believe This AFFIDAVIT / NOTICE is true and correct to the best of Daniel Mulligan’s ability and is written without assistance of counsel and is copy written all rights RESERVED: Mulligan’s Homestead address 331 S. Federal Lake Worth, FL 33460 Sent or delivered to the following after May 15, 2019:

 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis The Capitol Tallahassee, FL 32399

 Attorney General William Barr 950 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20530

Green acres Mayor Joel Flores 5800 Melaleuca Lane Green acres, FL 33463

SUPERVISOR OF ELECTIONS WENDY SARTORY  240 South Military Trail West Palm Beach, FL 3341

Sheriff Bradshaw 3228 Gun Club Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Scott Baugh – Journey Church 6201 S Military Trail, Lake Worth, FL, 33463

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