Did the Russians write THIS?

All in all, composing a great college essays is just not all of that quite challenging as soon as an individual decides what they will actually publish about. All it will consider to publish a college essay is firm t higher education essay.  (it goes on and on to this)

“A friend enjoys enjoying computer game titles on his Playstation 3 console and listening to audio, but has a storage difficulty in his bed room. The pal lives with his mothers and fathers and so all of his belongings are confined to his bed room. He frequently has buddies round to pay a visit to and play pc video games with. There is no current storage in his bedroom for his Playstation Console & online games, Ipod dock, stereo or CDs. All of his CDs and online games get still left on the flooring and broken due to this deficiency of storage.” Could a Russian be that stupid? What is the point or theme or what are they trying to sell? Can bots write good spam?

(Or maybe the bot smoked too much pot or just did too many Magic Mushroom?  Really, it getting harder to figure out if Hillary’s insurance policy at the FBI was that good….After she used flunky British  Steel Agent….Was James Comey just tooooo stupid…..Sad.   Oh yes, now I remember lazy Obama couldn’t get his ass out of bed until 10:00….I wonder who Pres, Obama was sleeping with on September 11, 2012?  Remember that White boy called Mr V….  He was kind of cute but white…Oh yes, Michael Jackson like whited boys…What do you think?  Where the white parents THAT DUMB or that GREEDY? Written by Botless Daniel

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