Can we still help our WWII vets laugh and be happy in their last days?

Daniel hopes to put in his weekly journal a short story about our WWII veterans that are still living and loving life.  As my debt of gratitude to our WWII vets I will put a story for free on my website each week about our Veterans.  Please give me a call 561-603-1819 and ask for Daniel.  I would also like to set up a podcast where by WWII vets can tell their story.  To help fiance this idea I maybe I should sue the brutal, corrupt, and evil city of West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, Florida who falsely arrested and charged Daniel Mulligan with FUJI even though he was not drinking or on drugs and Daniel breath was 0.000.   Sadly, after the lying corrupt evil ones/lawyers took away Daniel Mulligan right to travel and work; Daniel became their slave.    By making Daniel their slave, greedy corrupt ones of Palm Beach County and the City of Lake Worth illegally placed 2.6 million dollars of code enforce fines to destroy and enslave Daniel.   Yet, for years as a good whistle blower Daniel requested that the City of Lake Worth fix the broken clay sewage pipes that caused Daniel and his neighbors heath problems    I believe instead of fixing the Health problems of raw sewage the evil sewage rat County and the City of Lake Worth engaged in witness and evidence tampering by allowing at least two of my tenants to needlessly to die .