Are Experts, doctors or nobility good or bad?

Before you say something good or EVIL do you think or just follow the experts?  In other words do you really know what is good or evil?  Many now believe without the doctors lies there would never been any death camps in Germany.  MLK quote “Never forget everything Hitler did in Germany was legal…

Consider the following:

One of the most famous studies of obedience in psychology was carried out by Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University. He conducted an experiment focusing on the conflict between obedience to authority and personal conscience.

In 1963 Milgram  examined justifications for acts of genocide offered by those accused at the World War II, Nuremberg War Criminal trials. Their defense often was based on “obedience” – that they were just following orders from their superiors. The experiments began in July 1961, a year after the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem. Milgram devised the experiment to answer the question:

“Could it be that Eichmann and his million accomplices in the Holocaust were just following orders? Could we call them all accomplices?” (Milgram, 1974).

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