A “New 94 year old” Navy friend?

During the past years I started a weekly journal.  I have spoken to various people regarding their thoughts about problems, evils and corruption in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Sadly, after speaking to any 100 people about their problems, about 5 would tell me that one of their relatives committed suicide. I realized this is so sad….  I purchased various Domains such as sucidenews.com and suicidedata.com in order to help.   However, trying to build websites on this subject has been a daunting task.  It seems that according to some studies the “help or money to provide help,” actually worsens the situation.  It doesn’t seem possible but why do countries that spend the most money to prevent suicides have the highest rates of suicide?   In 2013 the VA made a study of vets’ suicide and found that 22 vets a day died from suicide.

I remember what my Dad did during the Vietnam.   On Sunday my Dad would pick up 2 or 3 Marines as chapel and bring them back to our home for a home cooked meal.   The men all seemed glad to be with our family before they left for…….we never asked….  God, that was a long time ago….  It was odd how my Dad seemed always to give them the best food, but as tears come to me…I must digress.

On Sunday, I came late again to a friendly church in Lake Worth.  After church I came into the dining room that opened into the church for coffee.   At one of the tables there was an older gentleman in a wheel chair.   I introduced myself and spoke about my Navy Dad and Clifford stated he was also in the Navy in WWII.   A little latter Clifford asked his driver why don’t  we take Daniel to Farmer Girl? So we went.  At Farmer Girl we had lunch, but Clifford didn’t eat much….We chatted more and I learned why everyone loved Clifford.  Here he was at 94 years with three cancers and he didn’t complain once.  I was told he also taught school for a while and a school in Florida was named for him.  When I asked Clifford how he kept so happy at 94 with all his problems/cancers, he didn’t boast but stated it my lady friend Maria.  After lunch we went to his home and met his friend Maria… She gave us a big smile and Clifford got a kiss….  It was a nice Sunday that I hope to remember the Valiant Navy man Clifford much as I try to remember my Dad who also loved the Navy  Shakespeare stated it best:

“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.” William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar