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Old news sometime repeats….are the People getting screwed?

“Schroepfer says that 87 million is the maximum number of users impacted, up from initial reports from the New York Times of 50 million people effected, as Facebook isn’t positive of how many people had their data misused.”

Really, they don’t know or does the Zuck wish to cover-up again?  Tired of Tech Scam?

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Dear Nancy…….

I was just wondering what it takes to cover-up?

YOU JUST STATED Trump may have committed ‘impeachable offense’ in ‘plain sight’  REALLY? Do I need glasses?

“The fact is, in plain sight, in the public domain, this president is obstructing justice and he’s engaged in a cover-up. And that could be an impeachable offense,” Pelosi told the audience

You just spoke of the cover-up by President Trump…. Sadly, Nancy I believe you suffer from a disease of DNC stupidity, a mental illness. Or maybe worse you’re a traitor and or just a hypocrite?  Yes, Nancy are you just a lying greedy elites or traitor pig?   Some two thousand years ago the Greatest Teacher stated “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” How long have you, …. cover-up for Bill and Hill?

A few years before one of the greatest lawyers and senators of Rome supposedly stated: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely….. A murderer is less to be feared.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero 42 B.C.  Yet, Cicero was killed in 43 B.C.

But has the DNC  engaged in cover-up for the ODD couples?  Was it love, power or fraud that kept the Clinton crime syndicate together? In 1949 Jim Jones married nurse Marceline Baldwin.  By 1951 Methodist Church help Jim Jones even though they knew he was a communist… When young Jim Jones killed animals and then forced his friends to have funerals for those animals…Yet the Methodist church or DNC didn’t think that was strange either? Later in California Jones got caught with another man; still most Democrats, the DNC and his wife stayed on to the end… Wasn’t that a cover-up where over 900 DIED? But, Nancy maybe you don’t want to remember that stupid idea that the FBI and Reno and Hillary told….That there WERE abuse in Waco, TX , so go right in with ATF and kill them? WAS THAT FAIR OR NICE?  Maybe you are right Nancy, maybe Bill and Hillary are just doing what Hitler did after that fire in Germany….blame the other side? But isn’t time for you, Nancy to pull the beam out of your eye?   Good luck with your eye sight Nancy….May God bless America and please pray for those in authority….THEY NEED new eye sight!

Where did the old fun go? Buy this domain and FIRE Daniel…see if I care?

Sadly, over the years it takes more and more money just to smile….Laughter that is extra of course…But before the internet people used to laugh….Now we text HUMOR, really? It’s had to realize a kid starting working at 10, yet the following info and story from Wikipedia tell how Red began to survive:

“The couple put together an act and began booking it at small midwestern theaters.[28] When an offer came for an engagement in Harwich Port, Massachusetts, some 2,000 miles from Kansas City, they were pleased to get it because of its proximity to their ultimate goal, the vaudeville houses of New York City. To get to Massachusetts they bought a used car and borrowed five dollars from Edna’s mother, but by the time they arrived in St. Louis they had only fifty cents. Skelton asked Edna to collect empty cigarette packs; she thought he was joking, but did as he asked. He then spent their fifty cents on bars of soap, which they cut into small cubes and wrapped with the tinfoil from the cigarette packs. By selling their products for fifty cents each as fog remover for eyeglasses, the Skeltons were able to afford a hotel room every night as they worked their way to Harwich Port.”

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Did the Russians write THIS?

All in all, composing a great college essays is just not all of that quite challenging as soon as an individual decides what they will actually publish about. All it will consider to publish a college essay is firm t higher education essay.  (it goes on and on to this)

“A friend enjoys enjoying computer game titles on his Playstation 3 console and listening to audio, but has a storage difficulty in his bed room. The pal lives with his mothers and fathers and so all of his belongings are confined to his bed room. He frequently has buddies round to pay a visit to and play pc video games with. There is no current storage in his bedroom for his Playstation Console & online games, Ipod dock, stereo or CDs. All of his CDs and online games get still left on the flooring and broken due to this deficiency of storage.” Could a Russian be that stupid? What is the point or theme or what are they trying to sell? Can bots write good spam?

(Or maybe the bot smoked too much pot or just did too many Magic Mushroom?  Really, it getting harder to figure out if Hillary’s insurance policy at the FBI was that good….After she used flunky British  Steel Agent….Was James Comey just tooooo stupid…..Sad.   Oh yes, now I remember lazy Obama couldn’t get his ass out of bed until 10:00….I wonder who Pres, Obama was sleeping with on September 11, 2012?  Remember that White boy called Mr V….  He was kind of cute but white…Oh yes, Michael Jackson like whited boys…What do you think?  Where the white parents THAT DUMB or that GREEDY? Written by Botless Daniel

I received various comments from Democrats candidate want to be’s? Or maybe Booker or Nancy are trying?

Received on May 18, thought as SPAM or was I wrong? Sound like FBI talk or maybe CIA? I took out the the links on their sites. Still they sounds like the women and men on CNN….What do you think FUNNY or just crap? BELOW:

Admissions officers have different standards for evaluating candidates and determining which college students to confess. In basic, they seek a various and balanced entire body of motivated, associated, and qualified students with real pursuits, impressive achievements, intriguing skills & experiences, seem character and real personalities – all with the possible to “fit in” and be an asset to the school. Admissions officers answer positively to their perception of passion, mental curiosity, maturity, management, determination and vitality.

Or is this one better?

All of us know this intense, heavy emotion each time you recognize that you forgot about homework assignments. And it can be a quarter previous four a.m. and also you have no notion what to execute. You especially know that all your classmates have attained these duties flawlessly. And at this second just serene down. Attempt to not be nervous.

Written by DNC bots or what?